Death of Superman Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer reaction & review 2018 DC animated movie! Doomsday vs Justice League! Death of Superman Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction & review of The Death of Superman, the 2018 animated movie from DC and Warner Bros Animation!

This particular reaction is to IGN and their half-ass pathetic reviews by Jim Vejvoda who I have always cringed when reading, or watching, his under five minute “reviews” of the so-called content. Vejvoda is paid through the cash-cow companies, Disney and Marvel, to shit on quality work! Vejvoda does not understand and significantly research through the material to make an honest review! This blows my mind with IGN’s Death of Superman 2:19 so-called review. IGN received over 82,000 views on YouTube and correspondents/writers like Vejvoda just shitted on DC without giving a well-balanced review.

A more honest and well-balanced review of DC’s Death of Superman can be seen on Grace Randolphs channel: Beyond the Trailer. Grace takes the time and is highly knowledgeable in comic, film and pop-culture lore than the jokers of IGN.


IGN 15 years ago was a close-knit group of like-minded individuals who actually worked in the gaming/nerd industry. Writers and Correspondence of IGN before 2010 actually understood the content taking the time to make honest reviews. Today, we have a bunch of man-babies and pretty-looking faces from the female side, to make these reviews because it’s click-bait. IGN receives pay checks from competitors to shit-on competitors and if you’re obviously making a ton of money being paid to make reviews, those reviews are going to be skewered. It is who pays for the reviews, correct? Paid-PR is the nasty aspect and reality of the entertainment business.  

My gripe is these so-called “reviewers” do not read comic books, not familiar with the lore, not taking the time to research the backdrop stories, don’t give credit to the actual writers, producers, voice actors and actresses in the content. IGN only cares about putting a pretty face on the review whether it be male or female.

In the end, Death of Superman is not “Just Another Doomsday” as stated by the jack-ass Jim Vejvoda from IGN. The DC animated film touches on the emotions of the characters blending the New 52 Justice League with the past content of the DC Universe.


I have to say that finally a DC animated movie that shits on the live action and the Marvel animation department. However it is only ONE animation film done well among a long string of sub-par DC animation ...although I did enjoy viewing the past movies but not as much as this particular Death of Superman.