NAMM show for Friday, January 26, 2018 possibly one of the best shows I’ve seen this year. It included all forms of music and if you’re interest revolves around this type of professional industry, this is the place for you! I’ve traveled to many conventions across the nation and by far the NAMM show still keeps it industry related and media invite only, don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with young adults and families attending but NAMM is NOT Comic Con. Sometimes children and young adults take away from the professionalism of some of these events which, are to showcase to the big investors, developers and those who bring the money to these events. Yes, there is a component with the consumer because at the end of it all retailers need to sell their products while at the same time getting developers and investors to see their products too. 

Regardless,  expos, shows and cons are now catering more to the consumer for example E3 Expo selling 5,000 passes to the consumers. I am subjectively reviewing that the NAMM show does it but in small quantities which, is still a controllable enviroment between media/industry and consumers. A industry/media professional at NAMM and events like it could still demonstrate, touch and go to media panels without the OoOOOs and awWwws of ongoing consumers trying to get a glimpse of a celebrity. 

ALRIGHT! enough ranting...The NAMM show is something that people have to experience. It does not matter if you interest is into classical music,  rap and hip-hop, if your DJ, rock-star, or  want-to-be rock-star, country or digital music...NAMM is the place to showcase and demonstrate getting your hands on the new technologies to grow your individual creativity and or business! A fantastic show with phenomenal sound to go with it. 

For me personally (please see photos below) I am a guitar player and have some experience with piano. One of my favorite vendors is VOX Amplification and Orange Amplification. I recently found out that the founder of Orange received a distinguished award and was highly pleased to hear. I have been personally buying and collecting Orange products for years. 


In the end, I recommend bringing ear plugs and some Advil because after sometime there is so much sound going off in the convention I believe the heavens themselves are nodding their heads to the tunes expressed out of NAMM.