Electronic Arts just kicked off E3 2017 with an earlier than usual Saturday press conference. EA showed some Star Wars, some sports, some car chases, and a brand-new game from BioWare called Anthem. There was also a live drumline, in case you thought E3 needed more drumlines.

EA dedicated a block of time to Star Wars: Battlefront II, focusing mostly on multiplayer, which will span all eras of Star Wars. All post-release multiplayer add-ons will be free this time around, meaning that everyone will be able to keep playing the game. For me, this showcased multiplayer in terms of tactics and map awareness. I enjoyed the siege-type map mode and tiers that each faction has to achieve to meet the next objective. 

The other stand alone shooter EA is promoting is the DCL for Battlefield 1 is getting two night maps, which debut this summer. Because Battlefield 1 wasn’t chaotic enough. They also announced In The Name of the Tsar, an expansion that will add new maps from World War 1's eastern front. The expansion will add six new maps featuring the Russian army along with “the iconic women’s battalion of death.” That expansion hits in September. Lastly, they teased a new small-squad competitive mode, saying they’ll share more details at Gamescom in August.