In a post on PlayStation Blog, Sony announced that PS4 games are coming to PlayStation Now this year. While Sony couldn’t confirm exact game availability or a specific launch window for the catalog expansion yet, the company noted that PS4 games will still be available on a standard PlayStation Now subscription. Within the next few weeks, Sony also expects to launch a private beta for current PlayStation Now subscribers to test out PlayStation 4 games on the service.

Similar to streaming services like Netflix, PlayStation Now works by letting you remotely stream and play games from the cloud without having locally download files. The library draws from the PlayStation 3 and includes titles like Red Dead RedemptionThe Last of Us and Dark Souls II. One-month subscriptions will run you $19.99, while a three-month subscription costs $44.99

While PlayStation Now isn’t necessarily a flagship feature for Sony and the PS4, the update is a nice addition that adds some useful value to the console. For casual gamers who don’t purchase a new game every few months, subscription programs like PlayStation Now can still keep them tied to a console with relatively less investment and adding current-generation PS4 games to the service bolsters its upsides.

The move also puts Sony and the PS4 in line with its competition. In February, Microsoft announced Xbox Game Pass, a similar program that’ll stream Xbox 360 and Xbox One games to subscribers.

by Ryan Quon