Born in 1982 a couple of years after the release of The Empire Strikes Back , in 1983 my parents took my baby-ass to watch Return of the Jedi. Of course, I didn’t remember that time-frame but in the mid-80s as a spawning child of Star Wars fandom! I would watch the trilogy on VHS or sometimes Betamax. As a 7 year old kid awestruck about Luke Skywalker, Han Solo with his scoundrel ways, and the princess that glued everybody together but now in the modern day were Disney owns LucasArts the tyrant Disney needs to revenue $6 billion a year other than that it goes back to George Lucas. **CROSSING MY FINGERS FOR THIS***

I have to say that JJ Abrams' Force Awakens and Gareth Edwards' Rogue One really brought me back to that good spot of wanting more about Star Wars. It brought the yearning of wanting to learn more about the lore and universe of Star Wars. However, this director Rian Johnson’s Last Jedi I have none of those feelings once again!!! This is probably the worst feeling I felt since Star Wars Episode I. Now to be "politically" correct I am a "legends" fanboy and follower of the lore established in the original "Expanded Universe" created by graphic novels, novels, and Dark Horse Comics.  Disney has since dissolved the expanded universe and is not canon, now Disney draws from legends like a siphoning locust(s) to bring badass ideas back to THEIR Star Wars Lore.  Disney calls it Star Wars "Canon" and since seeing the Last Jedi, I find myself in a difficult spot much like Mark Hamill is when he agreed to redo his role for the Last Jedi. I agree with Mark Hamill’s personification as well as his temperament behind Luke's character in this film.  Mark's  portrayal of Luke Skywalker some would say sucked but I honestly feel Mark acted as if he did not care because HE DID NOT CARE. In the many interviews with Mark Hamill prior to release of the film he often replied snarky and snobbish. Mark is an intelligent mother fucker and he knows what he is doing. He IS the Joker from the 90s Batman the Animated Series and made a great career from his voice acting. Mark distrust Disney and I commend him for that!

The Last Jedi took me at moments in the movie where I was jaw-dropping, meaning it didn’t make any sense to bring Leia back from her space explosion! Above all, killing off Admiral Akbar, the hero of the Battle of Endor, the admiral who destroyed the Superstar Destroyer: Executor in a matter of seconds, Ackbar was dead!



This movie has millennial all over it handing off the movie to these new characters which, I am not convinced and awe struck. I am not buying into Disney's new characters. They do not have strong screen presence like Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill!

I admit that the movie is visually stunning and if you’re into HDR Cinema, this shits for you! This movie will not disappoint visually but in terms of substance and character development taking place directly after Force Awakens. Rian Johnson could’ve built upon the plots created by JJ Abrams, Rian destroyed H O P E itself that the Star Wars franchise was going in an awe-struck direction as Abrams laid out in Episode 7.  Perhaps the Disney executives stated "we don’t care how Luke Skywalker dies... we don’t care how Supreme Leader Snoke dies... just make it happen" and tool Rian Johnson fucked it all up! Rian Johnson created the worst sequel in Star Wars history. What the fuck was the throne room for Snoke? A magnifying glass and red back drop? Granted his guards were sick and battle-hardened but again no explanation of Snoke, his guards, his powers, where he came from and most importantly Kylo revelaing (or lying) about Rey being a trash rat left at Jakku. If Snoke is all powerful how the fuck could he not see the lightsaber, feel Kylo's force tug of the lightsaber? SPEAKING OF THE LIGHTSABER...ANAKIN'S RELIC HAS BEEN DESTROYED. THEEEEE LIGHTSABER of the Clone Wars, killer of Dooku, killer of Jedi's and Sith, the lightsaber used in the duel between Obi-Wan and the very saber that dueled Vader from Luke. IT IS ALL GONE! FUCK YOU RIAN JOHNSON!

The other sub-plots that transpired failed miserably. I get it, Luke only had a few days or maybe a week with Master Yoda in Empire. Luke had to find a lot of himself through what Jedi training he acquired from his instructors. What made Luke special is that he pieced and gathered relics of Jedi teachings. ON HIS OWN!!! Rey, on the other hand she learned how to become a duelist in a matter of days??? To learning and mastering moving boulders?? For me Luke Skywalker's greatest achievement was facing Darth Vader on his own, being tempted by the Dark-side, losing his hand in a light saber duel with Vader and finding that his father is Anakin/Vader all the same!

Now in comparison, I began to understand more about  Kylo Ren after Awakens. In this film however, Kylo has yet to experience any of these emotions as Luke/Anakin did. Again it’s the millennial backdrop of self-gratification and quick gratification for this movie. The story is pushed all on Rey  as the all-powerful light and Kylo Ren is all-powerful in the dark. Both brats were handed factions:  remnants of the Empire to Kylo and remnants of the Rebellion to Rey! None of these two characters did anything extraordinary as the classic characters performed in the first movie(s). All the emotions that Luke Skywalker, Han or Leia experienced destroyed in the Last Jedi

I am not 100 percent hating on Star Wars entire franchise but definitely, I am disappointed in the direction that Rian Johnson under Diseny's tyranny took the franchise. Mark Hamill stated the best ...

"Disney does not care about quality... they care about quantity and making money!"

Ryan Quon

Star Wars Fanboy since 1982