California's All-Subaru Shootout and Showoff

Santa Anita Park

October 15, 2017



It's been a few days since we gathered 5,200 Subaru enthusiasts at Santa Anita Park, and I want to take a moment to reflect and say badass! Southern California has the most influential car enthusiast scene in the world and the Subaru community is by far the best car community. Starting in 2017, Subiefest's goal was to combine those energies, to give everyone a good time with their friends and family, and to keep growing our beloved community as it only results in great things for all of us: more friends, more go fast parts, more vendors, more rumble, etc.

In an effort to make the event go well, we simply took what we do at event's like Wicked Big MeetBig Northwest, etc., and gave it the Subiefest name. The event team brought a decent approach to a region as important as Southern California and have it be well received. Seriously - hearing kind words from local clubs, influential shops, media outlets, and big name Subaru performance brands was the absolute dream. In personal opinion the event could be seen in less than an hour...

Of course it wasn't perfect... Arcadia weather could have been cooler like it was last week and this week. If our original estimates weren't off by nearly 2,000 participants, we probably would have ordered more shirts. We also didn't expect the vendor row to grow several hundred feet the week leading up to the event. But we managed, and that's because everyone was willing to help. We brought enough water. We parked in a tedious but neat formation as requested, and quickly enough to not have it take an hour for others to get in. The line to enter created so much heat from the pavement that you can hear the rumble! 


You may have noticed that Subaru of America, Inc. went all out by bringing an epic line up of display cars from Subaru Tecnica International, including the new WRX STI Type RA and BRZ tS, as well as by bringing Chris Atkinson and Patrik Sandel, all sorts of games and activities, giveaways, and more. It's an incredible thing to have the company behind our community not only be supportive of our passion, but then also let us view new and exciting vehicles before anyone else. So here's a big thank you to Subaru of America for that.

One of the biggest challenges going into this event was convincing local performance shops that it was going to be unlike any prior, and that it'd be a unique, one day opportunity to get to meet thousands of people in the Subaru community. I'd like to thank the sponsors and vendors who jumped on board early with confidence, several of which who even went on camera to say it'd be a great event. Without that confidence, it might not have been.

Overall lasting impressions for the Subifest 2017 was there could have been more track-time for those willing to show off thier skill. Santa Anita Park is massive and can be bordered off to have time-attack and or obstacle course set up. Regardless, this event was more vendor based.