Another year has come and another E3 is in the books for this guy. I have to say that over the 10 years of attending I have never had a complaint until now. First of all the Expo went about with no incidences...and we all know in this day in age what those "incidences" can be. For the most part I had another great experience. ALL except two phenomenal things...

1. I understand the E3 Expo management is marketing more toward the masses. Meaning those who are not in the industry but are the general public that buys and plays the games. I get it, money is God. However, the main purpose of E3 in the past, at least for me, was to experience first-hand from a media/developer/investor before the game reaches store shelves. This meant NO lines, NO kids, and NO scalpers. This leads me to number two complaint.

2. With this year being 70,000 attendees that broke down to 53,000 industry professionals (me) and 20,000 fans (peasants) whom steal, troll and take-up spots to demo the latest and greatest innovations. I love E3 and will hope to continue to attend without hearing about a vendor losing gear to people who attend. E3 used to be 100% professional. It still is for those who respect those measures. Meaning professional attire, dress, and conduct. These rules are not measured and enforced anymore. We have peasants coming into the Expo who want free "swag" to sell on Ebay. This is disgusting. This disgust me and those whom are attending the expo for gaming purposes. 

SIGH...I cannot stress anymore but please watch my video blog below because what I cannot express in words will be addressed physically on video. 

Overall, E3 has put together yet another fantastic experience and safe environment. I do know that the Expo is leading more towards public exposure for example, PAX. 

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Article by Ryan Quon