Bethesda at Los Angeles at a location of their choosing away from the LA Convention Center. Bethesda is great at catering to thier fans and hiring once again my favorite host Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb...I must say that Morgan is soOOoo sexy and a true gaming goddess. O-K got that out of the way. Bethesda's conference inivted 2,000 fans, media and industry developers to a night of BETHESDA only content!

First of all I am enjoying the entire show and am currently here live blogging about the event. The Legends Strategy Card Game, Fallout 4 DLC, and the premier of QUAKE Champions. 

Lets take a step to analyze the "modding" community. I for one already dabbled in mods with Fallout 4 because I play the one and only PC. It is...G O O D...that console gamer get to mod their game and I fully support Bethesda in their allowance of mods! 

Fallout Shelter is Bethesda's mobile app game and am very excited to see card games as a digital game. Additionally, Bethesda's developers are SUPER supportive of the mod community and the studios ability to recognize gaming needs through the modding communities has not turned a blind eye away. I hope to see more of these great things at their booth on the E3 floor!

MOST IMPORTANTLY the remastered version of S K Y R I M! sooOOO fucking badass! By Bethesda is one of my most favorable developers and continue to create authentic and immersive game play.