First of all would like to thank Digital Media Wire and 2016 Media Team for inviting me to experience the Los Angeles Game Conference earlier today

Mmm not to burst anyone's bubble but senior analyst, well the few at this particular conference that did speak up against the VR push, are not buying-in. VR is stigmatized by the goggles however, VR has been around for the past 35 years. 3-D has been around since the earliest movie theaters, the term "Virtual Reality" is the visual concept that we can move in patterns not limited by side-scrolling...atleast in the realm of gaming. 

In 3-D versions,  one of the first immersive gaming models to reach record breaking proportions is World of Warcraft. In World of Warcraft a player can immersively move their character up,down, left and right (Z, X and Y axis)... If you don't know what THAT means then you probably sucked at Geometry. Regardless, World of Warcraft and games like it where you can move your character freely in a 3-Dimensional zones, is a form of virtual reality. The goggles experience may be great for some however, it is not great for the entire gaming community. This is where the conference shined. This is where it was broken down. Senior marketing analyst and developers discussed the critical topic of what makes a game successful? In general it is not the technology, or even the marketing. What makes a game global massive success in the today's gaming?


2. Easy and user friendly interface

3. No hassle technology

4. Story (immersive)

5. Competitiveness (esports)

The analysts are looking at VR with skepticism and this is what the conference  touched on vigorously. The general consensus is it is not a viable cost-effective measure for people in the gaming industry. Developers cannot argue that the technology is NEW because we have seen VR push in the original Nintendo with Virtual Boy. Basically, it is the same feeling that people are getting now when 3-D televisions came out as a result of the Avatar movie and James Cameron pushing for 3-D. Nevertheless that idea went to the wayside because a family realized they look absolutely ridiculous with 3-D goggles in the living room... Looking back the classical model of PC and Mouse or Console and Controller will most likely be the staple of interface gaming. 

Overall, with all the speakers touching on VR, Mobile APP, and Free To Play models the general consensus of a game being successful is the massive global appeal it needs to have. There are games that target a select population of gamers being thousands or tens of thousands. The golden crop of a game being successful is the global appeal. League of Legends, Counterstrike, DOTA, Starcraft and the new contender Hearthstone are all models of a massive and healthy global game. 

VR in all its shapes and forms is still being viewed cautiously and skeptically by developers, marketers, and analyst. Although the technology has been in different forms it is still a costly and cumbersome piece of equipment. Even I demoed the VR unit playing Borderlands and got nauseated. Only time will tell how the general gaming marketing community will take to VR gaming. The community will either massively appeal or fractionally. 

Ryan Quon