IT IS HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRE!!! I Brent the Bullard son of Kirk have purchased Tom Clancy's The Division for the Xbox One...of course RYAN wants to play it in 4K resolution on his PC where most people who have a strong connection to the PC platform gravitate due to the independent power of the Graphics Processing Unit...err o.k? I am a simple guy with simple needs. I for one, enjoy the Xbox One for the Controller and to test out my Xbox One ELITE controller. The Division is basically an MMO, and if there’s anything we’ve learned from MMOs it’s that launch days are uniformly catastrophic and chaotic. As of right now Pacific Time @ 10:35 PM is reporting 93,868 plus viewers. Earlier today Steam reported a literal drain on their servers and claimed that the game could literally crash thier engie...N O T...all a ploy to get more FPSers to get on and spend that credit for this Ubisoft's creation. This game is insanely popular at the moment and will possibly continue to do on all platforms: PC, Xbox One and PS4. 

As for the game itself, I’m slowly working my way through missions. So far I’ve done quite a few hours of clearing hood rats, shooting up people, and sneaking around shooting my gun and getting my ass kicked. At least for now though, The Division is trying to tell a story, and it's throwing more scraps of RPG feel my way than I thought it would, and that's certainly a good and effective sign. I love MMOs - this is effectively an MMORPG, and these take time to digest and evaluate. 

As of right now I am continuing on and give Ubisoft's Tom Clancy's The Division 5 dicks out of 5!

Written by Brent Bullard 

Edited by Ryan Quon