Millennials are the worst to work with. Why? Their scope of the world, although in their mind, feel they are entitled to whatever they feel. Here is the key word: feel. Millennials base their logic, or no logic at all, on emotion. Everything around them must be perfect. They must have a beautiful and wonderful time. All smiles and all butterflies. All in love and all holding hands. Perfect fucking world. Well the world is not perfect and you motherfucking millennials tend to point out fallacies, or not accept the pieces that make this world work. Am I mad? No, I am fucking flaming shit mad because there are parents out there who continue to hand over the decencies of humanity. Parents teach good values but they don't often teach how to work for those values.  Millennials tend to think they know how the world revolves but have no clue or care because they are too busy worrying about their looks, the car they drive, and if they need to eat Whole Foods. How the fuck do these millennials afford such affluent lives????!!!

Millennials do not know about 

1. Credit

2. Fail to work a full 8 hr day.

3. Speed in their car and don't care about the Law and Rules

4. Unsafe Careless and Lazy

5. Never read or listened to proper History although they target candidates like Trump/Clinton and have opinions without even knowing who the Speaker of the House is. FUCK, millennials most likely do not know how our election process fully works!

6. Short tempered and impatient

7. Failure to show up on time

8. Always uses the word "like" "my" "tired"...what the fuck are you tired about? you never worked a blue collar manual labor job never sweated millennials are so used to having things taken care for them you oversee the value in work. 

9. Complain

10. My boyfriend girlfriend relationship is the OooOoonly thing important to me in this life...what the fuck? seriously? Couples at 19 years of age and only seeing a person for 3 months and goes on a trip to Hawaii. There are 50 Year old couples who have not even been to Hawaii!!!!! Do you not see this problem AMERICA??!??! SHIIIIIIT!!!! 

The generation born after 1995 are the digital scum of this Universe. No seriously, I am ranting again. IPADS, IPHONES, GALAXIES, SMART WATCHES...ELECTRONICS...expensive right??? I like these things too but I actually WORK for those materialistic goods. These fucking kids get these items for their birthdays, Christmas, 4th of July, Graduation Day...and any other excuse to give them expensive materialistic shit. This up and coming generation are spoiled, lazy, and entitled. Not ALL are but 99.9 percent, in my opinion, are the luckiest mother fucking children in the world. They know it and they exploit it. 

Their work ethic is based on entitlement. For example, their scope of the world is centered on social interactions. What their friends think about them is more important than anything. Image is everything. We are in trouble as a society. Millennials claim and think that society is in trouble and are so easy to point out the fallacies in others yet, they fail to look in their own mirror. Self reflection has no meaning to a millennial. What do I mean?

1. Millennials do not take constructive criticism well because they are pampered by whoever raises them. Everything to a millennial is FREE. A millennial talks as if they already can make $100,000 a some cases, evidently there is a motherfucking lucky snot who gets passed the silver spoon. Wealth is passed down. Rich is attained. 

2. Millennials do not want to work over 5 hours because their precious time of going out to the beach and getting a tan is more important.  I see it everyday. Millennials walking their fucking pets at 1 in the afternoon. Millennials sipping tea or sucking fucking Starbucks at 2:30 in the afternoon. How the fuck do they make a living on doing absolutely nothing?!?!?!?!

California has to be the worst of the millennials. 

3. Millennials do not like to get their hands dirty. This goes for "gender" specific roles. Boys do not perform simple task as washing cars, mowing the lawn (because most middle class families have fucking gardeners), or learning simple auto mechanics. Girls lay around the fucking home and complain about their "time of the month." Let's look back at history. Did 17-19 year old girls 100 years ago stay in bed and complain that their time of the month is fucking them up?!? NO! They got their asses up at 5 in the morning to do what was needed to do for the day.  Alright, not ALL gender specific roles are not performed by boys and girls. In less fortunate communities, individuals have to make use of what they have. However, the poorest child born in the United States in modern times is still richer and more fortunate than a child in a third world country. I can already see the feminist fuming often attacking these roles with scrutiny. Yet, their own views are contradictory because they them-self often only look after one self. Anyways, boys in the millennial generation are so spoiled that their parents often give them the funds to take extravagant vacation trips that even most long-term relationships do not even have the TIME or FUNDING for yet, 17-19 year old snots get paid to go from their parents banks. The parents are just as guilty as millenials funding blindingly for their kids "happiness," in place of merit before rewarding. For example, I know a teenage couple that before PROM, since prom is the only fucking thing on the minds of teenagers these days, the kid asked his date in Hawaii and their parents PAID for the entire trip. Going back to the COMPLAINING portion of millennial mentality is the fact that these kids gripe and complain about their parents/guardians but have NO ISSUE SPENDING THEIR FUCKING MONEY $$$$...THIS IS WHAT PISSES ME OFF. They complain and complain to where the parents/guardians give in! Do you not see something wrong here? As a society there is no merit in a reward because people continue to award without the merit!!!! It is simply given to the individual. 

The thing that sickens me the most is the middle and upper class entitled. America is in trouble and we base decisions on feelings. Emotions take precedent over logic. When the shit hits the fan, sort of speaking, millennials do not know how to handle stress.