So today I got the pleasure to experience The WIzarding World of Harry Potter! I must point out that Universal Studios announced that it would be A P R I L when the attraction would be open to the public. Nevertheless, I have to say right off the back that the aesthetics of the make-believe world built  in a theme park setting substantially works! Although I had the rude inclination to pee over the white-snow-painted roofs to mix white and yellow. Regardless, the Castle of Hogwarts definitely stands atop the pinnacle of Universal Studios and bask in structural awe from the starting gate of the Hogsmeade village that paves the path to the  Hogwarts castle. This is where the Forbidden Journey 3-D ride begins! 

Overall my video explains the experience and how one CAN get motion sickness. THIS GUY DID...but then again my 30 + year ass dislikes theme parks in general. 

Regardless, for the hardcore Harry Potter Fan like this girl...

Our Model Alex...she loves the Harry Farter series...

Our Model Alex...she loves the Harry Farter series... will love the 3D experience, the small town, and the overall theme of Hogwarts. I do not recommend eating before this ride and I must forewarn that because of the 3D visuals and quick movements within the footage, this ride can get you very noxious. But while the 3-D twists and turns are technically and aesthetically impressive, the Forbidden Journey is inducing nausea and vomiting. Fans with motion sickness may find the alternative Flight of the Hippogriff roller coaster to be a better option. There is also a Hogsmeade wizarding village, including the Three Broomsticks pub and eight souvenir outposts. 

By Ryan Quon