Typically this website does not cover politics as this country's current situation is a big fat joke and lie. What do I mean by lie? Both candidates are horrible. It boils down, in my opinion, the person that is the lesser evil, or the greater. 

The mainstream media: MSNBC, FOX, CNN, CSPAN, etc, mainstream media this entire campaign smashed Trump openly. They should be apologizing. We all know he is not qualified. Trump did not win because he's Trump. The Republican Party does NOT support Trump 100 percent! The BLUE collar American people... LOOK at the red MAP!

The entire heartland of United States are fed up with the establishment, which, Clinton represents. The system needs to be broken. The people broadcasting on main stream media LIED to the American people stating Hilary will win. These mainstream media fucks live in a bubble. What do I mean by that?

Clinton represents what is wrong with this country. Millennials who don't understand what it's like to work hard and claim their intellect to be the future is the type of mentality that is WRONG with America. They live in a bubble. Clinton WON the millennial states, the West Coast and East Coast, people who've lost touch with how our country was developed. Our country was developed through blue-collar work: blood sweat and tears. I personally know what it's like to stand in the unemployment line. Does this make me better, or different? NO. What makes me different is I have experienced the types of societal dysfunctions first-hand. I am tired of it. I personally voted to break the cycle. Not because I approve of this candidate over the other but because I am tired of the establishment and their elitist shit-fuck they lead our country into. 

Trump did not win because of the immigrant vote or the women vote, or this and that... people who voted RED are tired of the establishment.

This election is about breaking the system and a protest to the main stream media. 

It has to change. The system has to cycle out and flow in a different direction. Whatever that direction maybe...it will be with definite uncertainty. 

One thing is certain...we have THIS fine-ass lady as "First Lady." I can hear the outcries from the feminist "you FUCKING PIG!"