Brent Bullard and Ryan Quon ventured to Las Vegas representing USC at CES 2016. We found phenomenal gains in the PC world which will only mean greater resolutions, higher refresh rates, stable operating systems, and greater need for high-end visuals. 4K is the monitor of the past, now it is 5K with the push of virtual reality. However, lets start off CES review by introducing our particular favorite booth, ASUS!

To kick off 2016, ASUS ROG put on a show at 2016 International CES in the ASUS Media Lounge, Las Vegas, USA. The latest and greatest ASUS ROG gaming innovations were showcased today, the line-up includes gaming motherboards, displays, desktops, laptops and peripherals. Here is a gallery of the exciting new innovations! Stay tuned for more details regarding each product in coming weeks!

CES is becoming more of an automotive show than anything else. Every year there's more car companies and more car demos. This year was no exception. The PC industry really needs to have its own show. Thankfully, there are still plenty of nuggets to be found, and Asus showed off some goodies this year.
ROG Maximus VIII Formula
Z170 ATX motherboard for 6th Gen. Intel processors with CrossChill EK Hybrid air/liquid cooling.
Three brand-new gaming motherboards with Aura RGB lighting made their debut:

ASUS MG24UQ Gaming Display
 There is a little brother in the form of a 24-inch IPS gaming display with wide viewing angles, superior color accuracy and vibrant colors.

ROG Swift PG348Q Gaming Display

A 34-inch gaming monitor with an Ultra-Wide Quad HD (UWQHD) (3440 x 1440) panel, 100Hz refresh rate and Nvidia G-SYNC technology.

Asus won't be left out in the external graphics department with its new XG2 docking station. The XG2 is similar to Razer's new Core in that both are USB Type-C docking stations. Whereas the Core uses Thunderbolt 3 over USB Type-C, Asus tells us that it's using something else entirely—something proprietary. The XG2, says Asus, doesn't rely on Thunderbolt 3, which would require encoding and decoding of the graphics card's signal. While Thunderbolt 3's 40Gb/s speed is fast, Asus tells us the XG2 is using raw PCIe signally. We'll have to wait to get both units in for some benchmarking to see which one performs best.