Been alll too silently past few months as I have been working my ass off in the sun at my primary job to support THIS job...In all honesty I truly would love to just be a lazy fuck and play video games all day long, review them, and hire random hot girls to sit in the background streaming on Twitch. 

Seems to be the trend these days. 

All in all I missed PAX 2015, atleast one of the many PAX events throughout the year. Aside from that and my primary work life I have a few hours in the day to sit down and actually enjoy a G R E A T game, the Witcher 3. Got it updated to the latest version and patched-up for my PC so all going well! Hooked up the ol' Xbox 360 controller to the wireless USB adapter and sat back and enjoyed the White Wolf Geralt in this massive RPG. 

Fuck this game is so well written and I barely finished ACT I. I am choosing to romance Yennefer in this play-through and had to say a heartfelt goodbye to Triss Merigold, whom was a main romance in the previous Witcher games. 

I leave for Chicago for 3 weeks and when I come back, I will enter more entries, update, and finish/play the shit out of Witcher 3 in time for Fallout 4. Summer is going by fast and right after my business trip to Chicago, its Comikaze with Stan LeeeeEEee!!!....see you all soon (like anybody gives a shit). 


Written by Ryan Quon

Edited by Brent Bullard