So Dickboy # 2 was twisting my arm to go out into public, into a crowded theater, brave the lines and listen to moron millennials who cannot afford their own tickets and have every form of nonsense filtering out of their privileged mouths  but have no problem spending their parents money to see Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015. Well I said fuck that shit I am tired from work and do not feel like being out in public. So we ventured on Saturday night instead at a 10:00 pm showing and luckily, by the grace of Odin himself the theater was not all that packed due to the mass dumb-ass populations viewing the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight. So the masses farted up $80  bucks (which in the Philippines it was free to view) and rest of the world paid less to watch a black man talk shit and gain another undefeated pat-on-the-back boost to his ego on a boxer that has more merit and heart...anyways, lets get back to Avengers. 

Why am I so bitter and not discussing the Avengers?  Well, I had it with millennials and people. Mostly the millennial generation I have an issue with.  What is a millennial? A snot(s) that was born after 1995 and have everything handed to them without even lifting a finger. It is the new merit-less generation. They have no problem voicing their opinions, rude, outspoken, feel they know everything there is about the real-world, and have not a penny on them. Millennials are the most worthless generation. In addition to their uselessness, they are pussies. Yes, wimps and bend-over-backward pussies that both genders (s) of the millennial generation have as personalities despite their toughness when they talk-shit. They do not know how to handle stress, they run to mommy/daddy for money, and if they don't have parents to support them they start to lash out at society with "x" amount of substance abuse problems and failed producers of modern society. 

For example, at the theater, we sat next to some fucking geek-fuck millennial that would not shut-up. Talking shit as if he knew how the movie was going to pan-out with his wispy/high-pitched voice. He also smelled like sweaty ass-socks! He looked to be around 19-21 years of age which puts him right smack into the millennial generation and most likely, had his mother's credit card in his wallet.  I tricked and swapped seats with Dickboy #2 before the movie started and he even stated the super-fuck geek would not stop bouncing his leg. Possibly due to a fucked-up ADD/HDD disorder from his fucked-up birth. He wore glasses and laughed overtly loud at the movies puns. 

Whatever...fuck millennials and their ability to coast through life without a worry. Avengers:Age of Ultron was good. As a comic book reader and a person that understands character archetypes...the movie did put waaaaaay too much responsibility and story-arc onto Tony Stark. First of all, in the Marvel Universe Comics, Tony is not the inventor of Ultron. It was Hank Pym. Who is this Hank Pym? Mother fuckuh's its the original Ant-Man!!!! On aside note, the Ant-man movie trailer looked good but that character is not based on the original Ant-man, Henry Pym. 

Regardless, despite all the super-geek truths that should be on the big screen, there is the matter of production studios an their "rights." Sadly, the Scarlet Witch and her speedster brother Quicksilver could not be named as "mutants" in this Avengers flick due to copyright. Spider-man will never make a cameo in Avengers due to Sony's ownership and yet, another reboot coming to that character. Yes, movie studios fucked shit up between X-men, Spider-man, and Avengers being that they are all Marvel Universe but cannot have crossovers due to the capitalistic bullshit that studios put themselves in. Spider-man and Wolverine have often worked with the Avengers in the Marvel Universe and sadly, this blockbuster crossovers will most likely not happen. The movie did include cameos from Falcon, Warcmachine and lastly, the addition of Vision to the Avenger squad. 

Regardless, it is a great time for comic book writers and the business of super hero movies. There are some nit-pickings about story-lines from these comic book to movie adaptations, due to the fact that the average viewer will know only what they view and not truthfully read a comic book for the real character content. Fuck millennials! 

by Ryan Quon

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