The USC Interactive Media Division was represented at San Francisco's Game Developer Conference aka GDC! At the 2015 conference Monday March 2, 2015, a group of speakers representing USC (Elaine Gomez), UC Santa Cruz (Deirda Kilai), NYU (Elyse Lemoine), and Northeastern University (Julia Wichowski) discussed the topic of "Gender Diversity in Game Development." The host speaker, Clara Fernandez-Vara, gathered women from across the country to discuss their game development programs. (see link below for video)


Elaine touched on the opening question, "what attracted you to the program?" representing, in my opinion the most diverse program, the USC Interactive Media Division. She discussed how the program was not game-designed centered but included art media. She stated "interactive experiences that were not just games." I believe this resonated well with the attendants of the panel. The focus of the panel was the topic of creating and attracting a greater diverse population in game development. 

Overall, it was a panel worth looking into and taking the time to listen to other universities programs in gaming.This panel was encouraging to listen to and inspire those who are a minority in game development. It was great to see USC represented at GDC, a conference of professionals, media, and developers. 

Aside from this gender panel, myself and my pack mule, I attended DIRECTx12, Windows 10, and Xbox One panels. All were pretty lame and boring as shit but we did learn a few things about how far we drove from Los Angeles to San Francisco to listen to developers discuss a USB dongle for PC to connect an XBOX One In addition, the rumor is that Windows 9 was circumvented and marketed as Windows 10, which doesn't it still make it number 9 in terms of program progression? Silly marketers trying to get those superstitious Asians to buy 10 than the number 9 oOOOoO. Overall, I walked away with this...GDC is nothing like E3. GDC is for developers discussing what they fucked up on in 2014 and are now making amends for 2015. GDC is professional like E3 with no snotty kids and families but fails in comparison to what Los Angeles brings! E3 has the huge XBOX, PlayStation, and Nintendo conferences big-screens and loud Nokia Amphitheater and Galen Center.