It does not matter if your a PC or console gamer. Elitism is a sickening plague of sickness and a mental illness. Those type of gamers can suck a dick. So tonight's topic and complaint is regarding gamers who feel the need to put down, talk shit, and gloat to gamers who just want to play casually. Most games have the option to "jump online and play with your friends" incentive. Well, if your a no-body and literally are in a que-looking for group, the player will tend to run into the occasional assholes. 

Douche-bags who have nothing better else to do allllllll day but pick up that controller, or sit on their asses at home on their PC making life miserable for other gamers. For example, most PC games utilize voice-chat programs: Skype, Ventrilo, Mumble, and other dumbass social media means; while console games depend on PlayStation Network, or Xbox live. So when you do find yourself in a group, you get the information needed to join the group channels and immediately the gamer is either bombarded with a hailstorm of random racist jokes, perverts, or scrutinizing questions! "Are you good? do you suck? I have a rating of 2k...blah blah blah" This is gaming language. Especially in rated matches where rank, gear score, and skill is everything.  

Another sickening shit to point out,  if you join a channel and a girls voice is heard. These guys jump all over that girl like flies on shit. Its pathetic that these fucktards have to launch an all-out war of their dick-size upon an underage girl, sometimes not the case, just wanting to get an objective done for their character. Nevertheless, some girls are the same way as the douchebags. Acting like elitist cunts themselves boasting how well they play (not really), or posting a profile picture and enslaving virgin gaming nerds by the hundreds. All those sorry ass bros will stay online all day not eating just so they can talk to the girl online. Just a pathetic piece of shit.  In addition, when the girl starts hanging around other bros, the original bro she talked to gets jealous and starts an in-game drama often breaking up guilds, battle groups, and friendship. Stupid fucking cunts. 

All in all, gaming communities are growing with more women playing games every year. I wish this were the case back in 1997 when I played Star Wars: Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2 online on 14.4k modem! L O L...Nonetheless, we have an increase amount of elitist jerks in this century of gaming. Sadly, like anything else in society, this new generation of spoiled gamers under the age of 23 were mommy and daddy takes them to Gamestop and buys them overpriced games and devices. Simply, these young pieces of shits did not come up the way myself and dickboy #1 did...I guess you can say we were the first generation of video gaming geeks remembering 2D graphics, side-scrollers, and rudimentary online gaming with dial-up modems! Hence the 1980/90s generation of gamers are a bit more humbler than the shit fucks online today! Games are still fun but what the hell is wrong with these spoiled brats online!?!?!? They do not work, underage, and mommy and daddy buy everything they need to make true gamers have a poor experience. Even so, imagine if an innocent young gamer just wants to play and is introduced to this type of behavior for the first time. Can you bullying??? LoL now that is another topic for yet, another backwards mentality topic! Catch you geeks later...The Orbiting Press is ouuuuUUTtt BiEootCHIEES!!!

Well...we do not look like this stereotype gamer! 

Well...we do not look like this stereotype gamer! 

written by Ryan Quon

edited by Brent Bullard