Here is the first portion of a breaking topic regarding Net Neutraility...

Republican FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai just joined the host of critics speaking out against Chairman Tom Wheeler’s aggressive net neutrality proposal unveiled Wednesday, which seeks to reclassify and regulate the Internet as a public utility.

“Today, Chairman Wheeler announced that he will ask the FCC to adopt President Obama’s plan to regulate the Internet,” Pai said in a statement Wednesday. “I strongly oppose the president’s plan, which will raise consumers’ broadband bills, slow broadband speeds, and reduce competition. I look forward to sharing my concerns in more detail in the days to come.”

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This is a very important topic to discuss, review, and understand. The internet by all means is not free. All users must fart up $$$ to the hated ISP (internet service providers). Since I am in the business of media, on the side, I enjoy the freedom to mold how I research, view, and gather content from the world wide web! However, ISPs have had a disgusting amount of power slowing bandwidth, overpricing speed packages, and regulating what the user (you and I) view on the web. For example, YouTube was once a free environment and could even download content...however, with all the problems regarding C O P Y R I G H T S, large corporations lobby to take rights away from the average user to utilize say, a Taylor Swift Song. Not sure why I used that bitch as an example but whatever, the point is, net neutrality has loopholes and consequences. YouTube will not allow a user to use copy-written music due to artist and their labels unable to cash in on a random viral video(s) that happens to have Guns N Roses in the background!

Yes, the absurdity is fucked up. The point is, ISPs lately have been having their way charging whatever they want to subscribers. In some areas you cannot have a certain speed (ex: Fiber optics over DSL) due to the area being too old, or not updated with fiber optic cables. Yet,    A-T and T-SHITHead (AT&T) will charge just as much for shit-ass U-Verse DSL as their fiber optic packages.

“Regulating the Internet through ill-suited and antiquated authorities that were designed for the monopoly phone era will ultimately make the Internet more rigid and less innovative,” Thune said. “The FCC’s proposal puts in play new taxes and fees for consumers, an expanded federal government role in determining the direction of future growth and technology development, and more power for Washington over the Internet at a time when there is increasing concern about governments around the globe abusing their authority over the Internet to spy on their own citizens and restrict the free flow of information.”

“For businesses and startups, Chairman Wheeler’s plan to protect the Open Internet as a telecommunications service will help ensure the Internet remains a place for permission-less innovation,” CCIA president and CEO Ed Black said in a statement Wednesday. ”Wheeler chose the best legal path to protect consumers’ and business’ Internet access, but it no doubt was not an easy one given the enormous political pressure from large Internet access providers not to face even light regulations. We appreciate that Wheeler stood up to this political pressure and we look forward to seeing the details.”

So basically, as the article and statements pointed out, if the internet is regulated more-so than it is--the actual nature of creativity will be in jeopardy. This makes a whole lot of shit sense to average users like myself and YOU. We create content, upload, write dumb shit like this guy<<< for all the world to see. Therefore, why should this beautiful content be regulated??? Anyways, a big ass plus for net neutrality advocates. After all, hardly any good has ever come from any regulation methods. 

written by: Ryan Quon