With a heavy heart and a Trekkie since the first day my grandfather introduced me to Star Trek the Original Series...my soul opened to Sci-Fi. Truly a remarkable feat to be known as "Spock" and televised the frontier of Science Fiction. 

I truly have no more words to say but am so fortunate as to have lived in a world where Leonard Nimoy did. To breathe the same air as this pop-culture legend presenting the most significant hand gesture of the 21st century...

One of the Dickboy's  most favorable sci-fi television show will be immortalized forever by pop culture. Those who do not know this man must be tied up and placed in front a screen showing Star Trek the Original Series until they bleed from their eyes. Damn millennial children have nothing to aspire too, or learn from. 

Live Long and Dick-ProsPER!

by Ryan: Quon