So Dickboy #2 brought up to this guy a topic that totally slipped my mind! ABC's "Fresh Off the Boat." Really?!?!? what the shit out of a donkey's testicles did this network smoke to come up with the marketing idea that promoting an all-Asian American show by using F.O.B.??!

SIIIGHHHH** off the ass of a sea otter's dick does this shit annoy the fuck out of me and raises the question how backwards our broadcasting system is in this great nation Murica. Shit, I even dabble into the backwards business of media! 

By no means am I being racist, however the most racist people in this country are those whom are quick to point out racism to those who are not! For example, white people get flamed for ALL-being White-privileged. My point is, we cannot pinpoint an entire category of people by the small percentage that continue to push the issues of racism, stereotyping, and all the other fucked up shit this country cannot seem to get over. This is actually the first time that I dabbled into the business of race-relations. Touchy subject. Yes. Highly debatable yes. However, like anything it is greatly misunderstood which in turn certain people get overly offended because they see only what is in front of them. What do you mean by this Mr Media Man so angry about Fresh Off the Dick Boat show??? I did a bit of research on ABC's show, supposedly this memoir was so inspiring about coming to America and being a foreigner that people will crackle with humor... shit. However, why must THIS type of show be produced in order for people to "understand" Asians?!?!?! Does this type of show bridge the gap from what people may, or may not know about Asians? HELL SHIT NO!!! This type of show only solidifies more stereotypes and for the love shit on this planet... produce more stereotypes.

well...atleast the mom is H o t. Could have seen that marketing from Light Years away. Plaguing on the hot asian stereotype so all men of a different matter can get a submissive wife. har har har.  

well...atleast the mom is H o t. Could have seen that marketing from Light Years away. Plaguing on the hot asian stereotype so all men of a different matter can get a submissive wife. har har har.  

Why would a network, claiming to be liberal and open-minded, produce a show with a derogatory title. It will probably be funny. Yes, it will most likely show a lot of truth to new coming "Asians" into the United States. However, Muricans are so fucking stupid that if this show gets more than 10,000 shitty ass views, or worst, become a blockbuster hit! Then people who don't know much about Asians will automatically assume we are A L L like this family. Just like most knuckle heads think Asians all know Kung-Fu! Again, ignorance and linear thinking for majority of the population will accept these stereotypes and further impede this countries strive for transcendence into a better world. We will never reach a better mode and way of thinking. 

Put it this way. Constantly, whether it is Asian, Black, Hispanic, Indian, and all other colors of this Earth's fucking human race(s) that we classify populations in, will never see come to terms with differences and continue to have struggles with identity and fucked up stereotypes. This is because our digital way of life keeps on promoting shows like Fresh of the Boat!

How about this ABC. How about I submit a story about an Asian American family from the 1970s that enjoyed fast Muscle Cars, Motown, Rock and shit that transcended a family to adopt "western" culture!  What about a show that promotes Asian Americans not in martial arts roles (even though its bad ass), or a character that is Asian NOT in the role of a pervert? Sure we had Bruce Lee, yes we have Lucy Lu and smoking hot Kelly Hu. How about a good liiking male Asian in a lead role? O.k...John Cho...yeh well ...meh. lol. I like the guy. He is funny.  Nevertheless, in the business of media bad publicity is good publicity...I do not accept that way of thinking. Well ABC here is a big F U C K-you for promoting a show with stereotype  written all over it. 

Written by: Ryan Quon

Edited by: Brent Bullard