© Blizzard Entertainment Photo

© Blizzard Entertainment Photo

After a few weeks of dominating PC gaming press, blogs, editorials, and pages screaming T E N million subs!!! the game that I quit in 2010 now draws me back in. As well as Dickboy #2, Natureboy and myself have possibly made the worst but best decision of our gaming lives by returning to Azeroth. 

It is now full-circle for the both of us. Back in 2010 I ended my WoW career officially by stopping with Cataclysm and with the disgust of Mist of Pand-shittia, decided to play other MMO titles and experience smaller communities. This was our greatest cross-divide. The Dickboys played small-nit gaming communities with sparsely populated servers where everyone knew everyone and who where the elitist  snob--over zealous douche-bags. RIFT, Star Wars the Old Republic, and even bouncing around to Guild Wars Shit-2 was not doing it for this guy. Yes, RIFT provided 40-man Raid-PVP that involved strategic knowledge of the map and main objectives with over 200 people on the map at one-time. The feeling would not last as TRION, RIFT's developer, destroyed this community in less than a year of gaming on RIFT.  So why after 6 years did I decide to fully embrace Blizzard's Titanic MMO???!!!?? and fart up $$?

I love Blizzard as a developer and they continue to offer the best gaming experience. Well shit! 10 years of World of Warcraft with record shattering releases at every pinnacle of the games existence. Of course my greatest experience was with WOTLK...that 2008 release was the pinnacle of my World of Warcraft memories and will ever continue to be. 

So let me get off this site to continue downloading a game that encompasses everything and anything a true MMO should have on this beautiful and sunny California Thanksgiving day! 

written by: Ryan Quon