© TRION Worlds Photo

© TRION Worlds Photo

 RIFT's Nightmare Tide expansion has launched on October 22nd and I have to say I am very displeased with the overall crap. It opens up the Plane of Water, introduces a minion system, revamps endgame classes with masteries, ushers in endless nightmare rifts of all levels, and tweaks the mentor system to scale players' level upward, not just downward. WONDERFUL! I could care less. I am pvper and will always be a raid pvp leader!

Earlier this October Trion released the Korean developed Archeage sporting an immense world catering to crafting and crawling one's way to high level content. In fact, the content of Trion's Nightmare Tide and development now mirrors Archeage. Trion, in my opinion, destroyed, underdeveloped and undermined RIFT. On the forums for expressing my displeasure with the content and even posted a Leader-Goodbye with heartfelt sorrows that the game could have been better, I was banned from Trion!!! W H A T ?!?!?!? O-k so,  I was a raid leader in Rift's highly popular WvWPVP called CONQUEST. It was a massive open world setting spanning 2 maps, every hour, in obtaining objectives with a 40 man premade. This is where Rift flourished and now with the new expansion taking away the pvp prospective player and putting the game into the hands of PVE players...Nothing is wrong with PVE, however, a PVPer can just pvp/conquest/warfront for gear...while NOW Trion included into the new expansion that PVE content can be played and receive the same, if not better means to get gear.

As a raid leader that formed premades into Conquest for actual PVP content and strategy is now dead because the average PVE player can now attain gear through PVE content while the PVP player whom, is mostly casual, has to struggle with minimal content to farm for their rewards. Again, Trion has tipped the balance of power to those players who suck to those players who know how to strategize, play their class, and dominate as PVPers should. 

Written by: Brent Bullard aka N A T U R E B O Y