to view more photos of this Chevelle please visit the Automotive Gallery. 

to view more photos of this Chevelle please visit the Automotive Gallery. 

In the fall of 2008 I was enrolled at USC in thier Graduate Program to become an Higher Educator...well that didnt work out very well...So during that time I got the itch to buy a 1966 Chevelle with the VIN 138. The starting 3-digits of the Vehicle Identification number in 1966 starting with 1-3-8 indicated that the Chevelle was the high performance Super Sport model from the factory.

I grew up around muscle cars and possibly have to say that I am one in few (age 31) that actually meticulously did  a bit of research about General Motors Muscle Cars from the years 1964-1973. On a tangent, for those whom are new to the Muscle Car builder club, as I like to say, please do some homework and not screw up a matching numbers car by putting in custom upholstery, cutting out fenders, or digital gauge clusters. Anything that would devalue the essence of a C L A S S I C Muscle Car that has history surviving 40 years earns some respect. I am no expert becuase I did not grow up in that era. I recommend talk to people who are, if they are still alive or healthy enough to give input. My father (age 58) is one of the many men/women whom enjoyed, drove, and raced theses metal marvels. 

Anyways, back to my story. 1966 Chevelle Super Sport! Oh Yah! I was 24 years old at the time wanting a Danube Blue...that's right, a very rare color. A dark GM blue with a bit of purple, if one was color blind. I bought the car from a guy in Iowa and the car was a Baltimore built/Van Nuys finished product. Meaning the Engine came from Van Nuys and the Chasis assembled in Baltimore. The Car was built in March 1965 sold in 1965, being that it was an early 1966 model released and sold in California. As it may be I bought the car in Iowa, however, the second owner brought the car there and raced it with a 454 cu inch motor. Sadly, the original motor was long gone so I had to find, which I did a matching numbers block 396 with oval port heads to match. All in detail the Chevelle was beginning to get reborn in 2009 with a new paint job close to Danube blue, a fresh not bored .396 exactly cleaned up block, matching heads, and intake manifold. I say the 66 was 80 percent complete in 2008. 

I enjoyed the Chevelle with the matched-up date-coded 1965 Corvette Muncie 4-spd. In 2012 I sold the car to pay off my student debt. HOW IRONIC!><? that one would go to back to grad school only to pay off the debt with a classic muscle car. shit. 

In the end this was one of my first project cars. I learned a lot. Don't be cheap. Pay a good body man to do a professional job when repainting. Feel free to browse the shit-job semi-ok paint job in the "Automotive" tab of the Orbitingpress website. Critique as it may , this was my first build and learned that money does pay to do it right the first time.